Digi-X makes outdoor advertising accessible to everyone

April 19, 2017

The Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising market in Malaysia is worth USD 109 million a year. Despite being around for decades, it still has barriers that prevent genuine businesses from advertising. With the lack of clear information on media buying, strict advertising regulations and complicated processes, it’s no wonder how the industry managed to attract many profit-seeking ‘middlemen’ over the years. 
Driven by a boost in Malaysians’ internet usage in recent years, the industry has experienced an increasing trend in advertising expenditure (ADEX) towards online media, but it is also worth noting that Malaysians are spending 25% more of their time outdoors as compared to a decade ago; which makes offline advertising even more relevant today — as it was before. 
However, hefty price tags on outdoor media with hidden fees and commissions, and difficulties in identifying the right contacts becomes a huge barrier for a potential business to advertise; and as a result, the outdoor advertising sphere is dominated by big corporations who are willing to splurge on their marketing budgets. So, where do small & medium businesses fit into the picture? 
We took a look at our parent company, Digi, one of the largest advertisers in the country, and asked: “What could we do differently?”. Upon discovering the pain-points of increasing brand visibility in an age of advertising saturation, we wanted to make advertising accessible and affordable for just about any enterprising business in the country.
Through Hyperlocal Media, we envision ourselves as the bridge that links small and medium businesses directly to the advertising space without the need for middlemen. We thought hard about how the traditional industry is run today and realised major inefficiencies in its current practice. Hence, we redesigned the buying process by enabling our customers to purchase media airtime through a simple online booking platform. Through this, our customers are given the liberty to purchase media airtime anywhere and anytime within just a few clicks. What this also means for us is — the cost savings realised through automation can be translated into lower price tags for advertisers. 
Providing a digitized experience for our advertisers is only the beginning. We are pouring in more resources to innovate in this space to provide new features such as real-time campaign tracking and insights; features which most agencies typically charge more to deploy. With every feature we add, we want to give our advertisers more value for every marketing dollar spent.
So, if you’re reading this and want to advertise, check us out at http://hyperlocal.media and key in the code LINKEDIN for a 10% discount at the checkout page!